About the Artist... Aline Thivolle

I was born in Lyon, capital of silk, where I lived just until 1986.

I studied design and the theory of weaving along with every step of the creation of textiles at L'Ecole Supérieure de la Soie of Lyon, from 1976 to 1979. I then worked as a textile designer for several years. This profession was later re-named "stylist". The designing of textiles consists of painting on paper the models which are to printed. The collections of designs are purchased, then the fabrics printed by the printers. Today, stylists work almost exclusively with computers and CAD.

At the same time, I was painting mostly in oils and acrylics and showing my work.

In the 80's, my artistic interests spread to music, dance, Performance Art ("a happening") as well as scenery and lighting.

The numerous possibilities of using space in Performance Art impassioned me immediately. As opposed to theatre, in which the same play and the same actors are in the same setting, over and over again, Performance Art never imposes the same theme and adapts to the place where it is found. The place is not necessarily a stage.

It was with this discipline that I developed a sensitivity to places in which I found myself.

In the 90's, I began to follow the teachings of Chogÿam Trungpa, meditaion master and artist. Chogÿam Trungpa passed away in 1987, but his disciples continued his teachings. He introduced a number of different approaches to meditation : connection through art (dharma art),
through theatre (dharma theatre), psychology (maïtri), or traditional Japanese arts such as kyudo (archery), floral arrangements (ikebana), the tea ceremony and even military training.

The teachings of dharma art, maïtri and most particularly mudra are strongly connected to the consciousness of space. Chogäm Trungpa, was constantly teaching to his student how much influence the space as on their mind.

Sometimes, Feng Shui Masters or architects trained in Feng Shui, were invited by the community of the disciples of Chogÿam Trungpa to their place of practice and teaching. So I had the chance to meet them with the advantage of developing my interest and knowledge of the use of space.

In 1992, completely questioning my professional career, I was invited to Japan as a "performer". Bathing in this special ambiance, freed by the Japanese homes, all the aspects of my work - painting, textiles, use of light and space - came together.

I found in painting and in making the works which you see on this site, the peace and satisfaction of creation which is my passion.

So it is that I offer you, beyond the simple acquisition of a painting which pleases you, the possibility of bringing into your interior more warmth, more intimacy and more well-being by placing a hanging in a favourable place.

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Now, since the Autumn of 2006, I live near Aubusson, capital of tapistries, and I am beginning to weave in this fashion.

I began my first tryings for vegetable dyes.

I hope that I'll be able to show some work realised with theese tecnics on this website.

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