Shagreen Ring Amethyst Rubis

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Size : 59 (Fr), R (UK), 8 5/8 (USA)
Silver 925/1000 : 16 g

Reference : BGGALAMRUB
price : 175,00 €

This ring is among the first ones to be born in my workshop. Entirely made by hand, I have a special feelings for it.

I imagine it on the hand of a red-dressed princess, a mood of velvet and youth, of passion and refinement.

The manufacture is not perfect : when I look at it now, the defects jump up to my eyes, and I wondered if I should present it on this site or not. But it is sound, nevertheless, it carries a spirit and a beauty I appreciate, and I'd be happy to know it is worn by someone who it charmed.

The amethyst has a particularity : its cristal carries very small white inclusions, which gives it a milky, a silky look. This milky aspect, together with the pink of the rubies eases the intense red of the shagreen, and gives to passion a soft and refined side.

Water should be avoided on this ring, as it may cause the shagreen to lift off from the ring.

Amethyst 1,4 x 1,0 mm : 4,99 carats
Pair of rubis : 0,23 carats & 0,21 carats
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